Inna Race American success story. modern art

Inna Race Art Photography. Well known American Artist.

Turning People into Masterpieces.“The main aim of my art is to emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of the human body. I believe that each one of us was created as a form of artistic expression, regardless of shape, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, or creed.” -Inna Race

Born in Minsk, Belarus, the homeland of Marc Chagall, Inna Race has been studying Art History, Composition, Color, Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Graphic Design and Photography, with the best European Art Professors. Graduating from Belarusian Academy of Arts (Minsk, Belarus) with a Master’s Degree in Arts and Mass Media, Inna successfully worked as Creative Director for multiple projects, including creating images for celebrities, as well as successful marketing campaigns for corporations. Her vast experience with TV, radio and other mass media brought a lot of success and recognition to her clients.Inna was appointed creative director multiple times, and she consistently delivered unique concepts and ideas to implement in different themes of decorating the streets of Minsk, Belarus’ capital city, for all special occasions.
Inna Race immigrated to America in 1996 and immediately fell for the “unbelievable sense of freedom that America gave {her}”. 
Starting her career afresh in Philadelphia, Inna always kept the uniqueness of every human being as the main focus of her work. As an author of the Avant-Garde Art Projects Inna had a number of successful Art shows in Philadelphia, notably as a distinguished member of the Philadelphia RAW Artists Organization. Inna successfully used her Unique Ability to pre-visualize and her Talent for Transformations in creating Art. She is successful at transforming each individual into piece of art, whether she is travels the world and people-watching through her camera, or recreating world masterpieces on human bodies for her unique art project ”Inspiration: Masterpieces Reborn”. For Inna, every experience is a cause of inspiration, and she effortlessly tells every story with a creative touch that goes beyond the lens. She is a consummate professional, capable of creating astonishingly beautiful, unforgettable imagery. Her unforgettable light energy, the love she has for her work and clients makes her one of most interesting partners to work with.


CLARINS; Dîner en Blanc; Uomo Moderno Magazine; TV Brindiamo; St George’s Club, Bermuda; Granaté Couture, LLC and Granaté Prêt; Donovan Jones and Rebecca Peache; JamieLee Ackerman; Bazemore Enterprises LLC; Label Furniture Inc; Orlando Caquias at Suenos Designs; Milica in the Hat Millinery; Consulate General of the Russian Federation in NY; EuroCircle; Priv Liv Magazine; New York Couture Fashion Week.