Inna thrives on watching the world and telling its story through her art. Her inspiration is people, and her medium of choice is color. Through different shades and hues, she gives texture and motion to each individual masterpiece.
Inna works in paint (oil and watercolor), and body art. She makes every stroke of paint and every snap of the camera speak to the onlooker; in a sense, she has the gift of involving all the senses in the final image. 

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Graphic Design

Specialize in PR, Brand Development Company Concept, Logo, Identity, Marketing and Event Production. Inna acquired over twenty years in Marketing and Advertising and Graphic Design. 

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Inna has impeccable command of visual aesthetic and, combined with her keen sense for lighting, she recaptures the character of whatever environment she is in. For Inna, people-watching is where creativity lurks; her travels throughout the world are etched in a series of vibrant shots that are capable of drawing you in, making you part of the artwork. 

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Inna Race

“The main aim of my art is to emphasize the beauty and uniqueness of the human body. I believe that each one of us was created as a form of artistic expression, regardless of shape, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, or creed.”

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